Clerks fics

Clerks Fics

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The Long Night Ahead- One night at RST Video, Randal gets an interesting customer who he is surprisingly attacted to...and sparks ensue in a big way. (R) (GS: Samantha Mathis) (Set 2 Months afer Clerks II)

This Time- Elias is bummed because of his break-up with Myra, so Becky decides to help him out. Will true love out-weigh a committed life of abstinence? RTFO (R) (GS: Allyson Michalka)

Misadventures in Babysitting- Randal is suckered into baby-sitting Dante and Becky's daughter Layla...His time on this 'job' becomes a life-changing experience. (PG)

Let Me Be The One- Set 2 months after "T.L.N.A", Lisa is back from New York with a new surprise in store for Randal...RTFO. (PG-13) (GS: Samantha Mathis)

Burnt- When Becky is ready to give birth to her's and Dante's 2nd Child...Things turn tragic during the delivery. (R)