JEM and the Holograms fics

Jem and The Holograms Fics

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Please Forgive Me- Kimber reveals her jealousy to Jerrica, and then looks to her for an apology. RTFO (PG)

Time Is Running Out- An illness renders Aja unable to perform on the band...But how serious is it? RTFO (PG-13)

Fresh Blood- A new girl falls in with the Misfits, and soon finds herself in love...with Roxy?! RTFO (R) (FemSlash)

The First Cut- Rio is falling into deep depression...and soon finds himself aiming his anger at Jerrica. RTFO (R)

Run To You- After a fight with Jerrica...Kimber runs off and finds comfort in a close friend's arms. (R) (Femslash)