Kick Buttowski fics

Kick Buttowski Fics

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Crush or Be Crushed- A new girl in MellowBrook catches Kick's eye...and he is head over heels in love...But Is She? (PG-13)

Killer Kick- Kick has had enough of the people who have pushed him he finds another thrill...The Thril of the KILL. Is anyone safe from Kick's new obsession? (R)

Just A Kiss- What became of Kick and Kendall's kiss in Box Office Blitz? Read To Find Out. (PG-13)

Heart Kick- Kick and Caroline are going strong after a month...But can an enemy of Kick's ruin everything? RTFO. (PG-13)

Reality Kick- One of Kick's most dangerous stunts ever proves deadly for the young daredevil...Then Tragedy strikes. RTFO. (R)

Help Me!- Kick is in a crisis on his 17th Birthday...and Caroline is the key to this crisis. Can they work through this problem...With a little help from Gunther, and....WACKY JACKIE?! RTFO. (PG-13)

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