Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery

by Rachael Keane

“Assault and Battery”
           By: Rachael Keane


	It was about a little bit after 10:30pm when Tim walked to the elevator 
to head to the parking garage. He was glad to be getting home after a long and 
bitter day. It was the toughest day of his life. It had started out just like 
any other day, but it had gotten worse starting with him blowing the case. Then 
the big fight that he and Abbyhad gotten into that afternoon. It had put him in 
the worst mood possible. 

	As the elevator dinged and opened, Tim walked in and was about to shut 
the door when he heard footsteps running, and out of breath Kate appearing in 
front of him, holding the doors. She stopped dead in her tracks, 
looking up into his usually cheerful green eyes, which had suddenly turned dark 
with despair. She wordlessly stepped in and closed the doors.

	Kate can tell that something was wrong, but she wasn’t sure what it was,
so she decided not to start something. “Hi Tim…Are you okay?” she asked in a 
nervous tone.

	Tim closed his eyes “Hi Kate…Yeah, I’m fine.” he said back to her, 
while at the same time, trying to remain calm.

	Kate sighed heavily. She figured if she was going to talk to him, 
she might as well ask what was bothering him, but she retained cautiousness 
just in case. “Look Tim, we’ve all been there. I’ve even blown a few cases or 
two…it’s really nothing to go postal about…unless you’re Gibbs.” She joked 
nervously with a smile.

	“Kate please…don’t start. You know that my day has sucked completely, 
and I don’t need to make it any worse.” Tim pleaded in a whisper.

	Kate then changed the subject, not being able to stop herself 
“Also…Abby told me about the fight that you guys had this afternoon. What 
the hell is wrong with you, Tim? Seriously! Abby cares about you, and you jump 
down her throat at the slightest detail?” she pushed, putting a hand to his 

	Tim pretty much lost it by then, and without turning around to face her, 
he grabbed Kate’s hand and pushed her back with great force.

	Kate fell back and hit her head on the wall. She winced as tremendous 
pain shot up in her head “JESUS CHRIST!!! What the fuck has gotten into you 
today?!” she shouted at him.

	Tim turned and grabbed Kate by the throat, pinning her to the steel wall. 
“I told you NOT to bring up the whole fucking play-by-play about the day I’ve 
had, and you don’t even have enough sense to SHUT UP!!!” he yelled right up in 
her face. With that, he leaned over, and shut down the elevator.

	Kate wanted to cry, but she could barely breathe. AS the lights went 
out, Kate could only see through the dim light of the emergency power, and what 
she saw were a pair of dark green eyes. Eyes that belonged to the quietest man 
on the team were now glistening with anger. She swallowed hard “Tim….Come on, 
McGee. Don’…this. I’m…sorry.” She whispered.

	Tim did everything he could to keep himself from injuring her any 
further. But he was angry, and to him, Kate was like an intruder. Someone he 
was supposed to hate…to hurt even. “It’s too late for ‘I’m sorry’, Kate. He 
said in a low growl.

	Without another word, he pulled his fist back and cracked Kate in the 
face in one solid motion, knocking her to the floor. He picked her up by the 
collar of her blouse, ripping the thin material. Then, he proceeded to kick her 
in the stomach hard, which woke Kate long enough for her to moan in pain. 

	“Maybe this will teach you to mind your own business, *Caitlin!*”  he 
sneered into her ear, knowing that she probably would barely hear him.

	Then he proceeded to assault her further…until the real shot came when 
he took her by the top of her head, and her jaw, and in one quick motion, he 
snapped her neck, dropping her body to the floor of the still elevator.

	Suddenly freaked out, Tim started up the elevator again, and soon he 
had reached the parking garage. As the elevator dinged and the doors opened, 
Tim looked around, but the place seemed quite dead. So he quickly dragged Kate’s 
body out of the elevator, and laid her softly across the cold cement pavement. 
He went to his car, which was nearby, opened his trunk, and removed an old grey 

	“I’m sorry too, Kate.” He whispered, as he put the covering over her 
lifeless body.

	Then with that, Tim walked silently back to his car, and got in. He had 
suddenly come to his senses, and he began to realize what he did. He had just 
committed murder, and as mad as he was, he also realized that he just killed his 
closest female friend on the team besides Abby. 

	He looked out the rearview mirror at where Kate’s body lay, and he 
shook his head “I hope that no one will ever find out.” He concluded, as he 
started up the car.

….End Prologue