Children of Psych Fics

Children of Psych Fics

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Katherine's Tales

Sixteen Years- It's been a while since Katharine lost her mother in a brutal murder...Now at 16, she deals with her father, and her new extended family.(R)

Coming Up- Sixteen year old Katharine Lassiter finds herself meeting her new best friend. (PG-13)

Call Me Katie- Katharine creates a double life...working the oldest prefession. (R)

Anne-Marie's Tales

Lies My Mother Told- Anne-Marie finds her mother's old diary, and it becomes her best kept secret. (PG-13)

Male Friends Make the Best Lovers- Anne-Marie has been on Cloud 9 since she started dating Derek Guster, the son of her father's best friend. So, why is she suddenly so unhappy one day? RTFO. (PG-13)