Royal Pains fics

Royal Pains Fics

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Underneath It All- Divya always thought that Evan was a skirt-chasing party-boy. But what happens when he drops the confession of a lifetime in her lap...Just hours before her wedding to Raj? RTFO. (PG-13)

Past Shock- Evan and Divya are together at Last! But what happens when his Ex-Wife and his daughter show up? Hmmmmmm. RTFO (R)

Three's Company- Jill falls ill during her date with Hank...But what could possibly be wrong? RTFO (R)

Truth Be Told- Divya doesn't know how to tell Raj that she's pregnant...and that the baby isn't his. RTFO

Trapped!- Evan and Divya are kidnapped by a desperate husband who needs help for his sick wife. Will the two be able to help the ill woman...before it's too late? RTFO. (R)