Goodbye, My Friend

Goodbye, My Friend

by Rachael Keane

Goodbye My Friend
           By: Rachael Keane
Summary: Seventeen year-old Trina witnesses the murder of Melodia as the MOB invades Hawk Haven to track them both down. 
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Trina's VO

As much as I would hate to admit it. I really do enjoy spending my time over at Hawk Haven, sharing my bed with the 
new man in my life. But it was at a very expensive risk. About a couple of weeks, I lost my best friend...a girl who 
had been there for me since DAY 1. Her name was Karyn, but she was better known to the people here as 'Melodia'. 
Some didn't know her like I did...Not even the people who practically raised her.

Six days before her death, Karyn had come to me with some great news.
She was leaving the Mob permanently because she had discovered that she was with child...Karyn thought that being 
pregnant meant being safe from the Mob...but she was literally dead wrong.

Six days later, The Mob found her at the seat of her lover...within the walls of Hawk Haven. Things changed from 
then on.

It was on that fateful day, that Mon Star invaded Hawk Haven, and took out his revenge on a member of his own Mob. 
I was an unfortunate witness to this gruesome and heinous act, but I felt helpless as I found myself restrained by 
Poker Face and Time lover and my brother. I had never felt such betrayal.

There were things that my mind just could not comprehend after that…Things that could not be explained. Like why 
Mon-Star would want to do such a thing...I guess I had made the right choice not to betray Mon-Star, cause otherwise 
this would've been happening to me to. But as I watched Karyn die slowly, but painfully, my mind kept coming back to 
that tiny life inside her. The beautiful baby that she and Bluegrass helped to create together.

Then just like that...with the others still bereft of shock, and me, feeling guilt ridden about my inability to stop 
Mon-Star from killing her... Karyn was dead. Luckily after a lot of examination, the Steel Twins discovered that the 
baby was still alive. So, thus on a warm night in Limbo...Annabelle Star was born on the 14th Day of June in the year 

Let me bring you back to the start of that fateful day...The day when everything about my life changed for the worst.