Step Up 2 Fics

Step Up 2 Fics

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Beat of My Heart- Chase and Blake's cousin Fiona starts school at MSA, and she automatically catches Moose's eye. (PG-13)

Last Dance- The MSA crew is in tears and out for revenge when they lose one of thier own. (R)

With You- Fly catches the attention of one of the guys in the crew...RTFO Which one. (PG-13)

Every Heartbeat- She hadn't seen him in 3 years...He once left her pregnant and alone. What will happen when a pair of ex's meet each other again? RTFO (R)

Lustful- After her break-up with Chase, A very drunk Andie shows up at Moose's house. RTFO (NC-17)

!Te Amo!- Missy has enjoyed her time at MSA...and has begun to show feelings for a guy at school. (PG-13)

We've Got Rythym- Hair is partnered up with a new girl in his Tap Class..Will sparks fly? RTFO (PG-13)

Forever Yours- Set 4 years later, Moose makes a bold move on Fiona at an MSA crew reunion at the Dragon club. (PG-13)

Give You Hell- Sophie is jealous of Moose's new girlfriend, and will do anything to get rid of her...and I do mean anything (R)

Dangerous Curves- On a warm summer night... Missy's romantic dream date with Cable turns into a nightmare, and TWO of the most heinous crimes are committed...RTFO More (NOT RATED!!!!)(Warning: This story contains Rape, Violence, Death, Language, and Strong Sexual Content...Reader Discretion Advised)