Lonely Heart Confessions

Lonely Heart Confessions

by Rachael Keane

Scene Summary: Moose picks up Loretta from work one evening, and a conversation between them has some unexpected results. RTFO.
Chapter 1

        It was just another day at Snappy Sam's Diner for 16 year-old Loretta. She was just wiping down the counter, and slowly trying to finish her chores 
before closing for the day.

        The day had gone by pretty quickly, and she was meeting up with the rest of the gang after work.

       She was suddenly startled when the door opened. But she turned to see one of her crew mates behind her.

       It was Moose DaLoose. He was soaking wet, his leather jacket clinging to the T-shirt he wore underneath it. "Hey Loretta." He sighed.

      Loretta smiled at her friend "Hey, Moose. I see it started raining out already." She pointed out.

      Moose took off his hat to shake off the water "Yeah... Good thing us frogs love that water, huh?" He teased with a smile.

      Loretta just nodded and smiled in response. She looked quietly at her friend, and just began to stare at him attentively. She and Moose had never been 
anything BUT friends, but that didn't mean that the thought never crossed her mind.

       She remembered all the times that he flirted her, and she had always just brushed it off as innocent. But little did she know that Moose's flirtations 
towards her were anything but innocent.

     "Uhhhh....Moose?" She sighed, finally breaking the silence.

     Moose snapped out of the sudden trance he was in, and looked at his friend "Yeah, Loretta?" He asked.

     "I'm done with everything. Let's get out of here so that I can lock up." Loretta sighed, taking off her apron.

     "You got it...the gang is waiting at the usual place." Moose said.

     "Okay...let's hit the road." Loretta said. 

     Moose opened the door to the place, and motioned outside with a teasing bow "After you, Miss HoneyLove." He said with a smile.

     Loretta put her hoodie on, and sauntered towards the door. She reached the exit, and curtsied teasingly back to Moose. "Why thank you, sir." She said with 
a laugh.

     The two friends exited. They stepped out into the rain. They still had quite a way to go till they got to the usual meeting place of the gang.

      Suddenly, Loretta's smile faded away, and her eyes began to well up with tears. A motion that didn't go unnoticed by Moose.

     Moose stopped Loretta in her tracks, and took her by the shoulders. His eyes locked with hers "Yo, Loretta. What's wrong, baby? What's with the mood swing? " 
He asked.

    Loretta sighed in between sobs "Oh Moose, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to bust out crying like that. Its just that I've been so lonely lately." She cried.

    Moose looked confused "What you mean by 'lonely', Loretta? You got the rest of the crew and I to watch your back." He pointed out.

    "But I ain't got nobody to love me, Moose. I ain't got no man!" Loretta cried.

    Moose hugged Loretta tightly to his body, and let her cry on his shoulder. He didn't know what to say. He had never seen her so upset in his life.
He sighed, because he really wanted to tell her the truth...Tell her that he's the one who is love with her. 

    "Loretta?" Moose whispered into Loretta's ear.

    Loretta looked up at Moose, still frowning. She wiped her tears away. "What is it, Moose?" She asked.

    Moose cleared his throat, and held Loretta at arm's length. He reached up to wipe away her tears with his thumb."L... Listen to me. You're not alone. 
You have me." He sighed.

    Loretta looked up at Moose with a confused look on her face."W-what?" She whispered.

   Moose took Loretta's hands in his "Loretta, I like you. You've been my friend for a few years now. We've never been anything but friends. But something's 
changed. I think I've fallen for you." He confessed.

    Loretta felt like she wanted to cry again. Moose just confessed to her that he liked her as more than a friend. She silently scolded herself for making 
such a 'scene' in front of her friend. She was speechless at this point. But when she found her voice again, she looked up at Moose "Moose... I-I don't know 
what to say." She sighed.

    Moose placed a finger on Loretta's lips, and leaned down towards her ear. "Shhhhh... Don't say anything." He whispered softly.

   Loretta gasped, and turned her head slightly, only to meet Moose's lips with hers in a passionate kiss. She opened her mouth slightly, allowing Moose's 
tongue access into her warm mouth.

   Moose wrapped his arms around Loretta's waist, and pulled her closer to him. Neither one of them cared that it was raining. The kiss was deepened, and his 
hands moved up and down her back.

   Loretta felt like she was floating on a cloud of hearts. 

  Suddenly, Moose broke the kiss, and met Loretta's eyes "So, whaddya say? Will you be my girl?" He asked her.

   Loretta couldn't speak at the moment, so she only nodded, and kissed Moose again on the lips briefly.

   When the kiss was broken, Moose smiled, and took Loretta's hand in his "C'mon babe. The gang will start to worry if we don't show up soon." He said.

   "Okay, Moose." Loretta sighed.

   With those words, the 2 teenaged frogs walked hand in hand in the rain.