WFRR Fan Fiction

WFRR Fan Fiction

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Detour- Eddie's wife Deloris is 7 months pregnant...and her midwife/new bar employee Amanda has been kidnapped! RTFO. (R)

Twisted- A Female toon weasel named Penelope answers a job ad from the Toon a secretary. But will other odd surprises be waiting at her new 'job' as well? RTFO (R)

Love Gone Astray- Psycho gets TOO close to Penelope, much to the dismay of her new man. RTFO (PG-13)

Jaded- Under Judge Doom's orders, Amanda is to return to the one place she swore she'd never go back to...and murder her best friend. RTFO (R)

Sleepless in ToonTown- Jessica can't sleep one night...she soon dicovers that her's and Roger's marriage is about to undergo an unexpected, but pleasent change. (PG-13)

Unstable- A sequel to "Detour" takes place 3 months later... Eddie and Deloris' search for Amanda ends, and when they find her...they get a most unpleasant surprise. (R)