Come What May

Come What May

by Rachael Keane

Come What May
		By: Rachael Keane
(Note: This story starts off as an R/A for one chapter, but it’s doomed to change to an M/A fic in later scenes)

Scene 1: Lessons
	Reilly woke up from his peaceful slumber, and looked up at his alarm clock. He moaned 
“Three o’clock in the morning?” he muttered. Then, he heard a voice, and saw that there was a light on in the 
living room. Curious, he got out of bed and walked down the hall. He looked around the corner, only to see Aggie, 
she was just sitting on the couch, holding a throw pillow close to her.

       *What could she be doing up at this hour? *  Reilly thought to himself. He then cleared his throat quietly 
“Hey are you okay?” he asked.

	Aggie turned around, startled. She quickly inhaled a deep breath, putting her hand on her chest “Reilly?…
You startled me.” She whispered in a medium tone. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She sighed in reassurance.

	Reilly walked over “Good. I was surprised to see you up this late…so I assumed you were upset about 
something. He then saw that her face was shimmering with tears. 

	Aggie shook her head slowly “Trust me, Reilly. I’m fine. It’s nothing.” She told him, trying to sound 

        He sat down next to her, a concerned look crossing his face. He began to run his thumb along the bottom of 
her eye, just below her glasses. “Hey, have you been crying?” he asked, looking at the shimmering, salty water-like 
substance on his thumb.

        Aggie wiped away the rest of the tears “Sort of…” She sighed. She quickly cut herself off, as she began to 
cry “Reilly…I’ve done something horrible to someone. I’ve feel as if I’ve led someone on…someone pretty close to us.” 
She cried.

        Reilly put his arm around Aggie’s shoulders “Who is it?” he asked. He had a feeling that he already knew 
who it would be, but he had to ask just to be sure.

	Aggie sighed heavily “Miller.” She said simply, as she continued to cry.

	Reilly sighed also. He hated when he was right. Miller was so totally in love with Aggie, but she never 
felt the same. But now, Reilly sensed that she was starting to feel guilty for EVER turning him down.  
He pulled Aggie closer “What did you do?” he asked her.

	Aggie wouldn’t stop crying “I…I made like I felt the same…about…him. I really do like him, Reilly. I just 
don’t know what to do any…more. I feel like he hates me now.” She sobbed, burying her head in Reilly’s shoulder.

	Reilly felt bad for Aggie. But he didn’t understand. * Miller? Hating her? Never in a million years! He’s 
obsessed with her* he thought. He had to say something “Aggie, as far as I know. Miller does NOT hate you. He could 
never hate you. I really don’t know how anyone could.” He said.

	Aggie looked up at Reilly, pulling away slightly “YOU hate me.” She cried again, looking back down.

	Reilly lifted Aggie’s head up by her chin, and looked deep into her eyes “No. I didn’t know any better then, 
and I was adjusting to everything. So, I was angry. But I never hated you. Besides, like I said. Who could EVER 
hate you? Granted, you might be a little obnoxious…BUT, you’re a passionate person, and I admire that about you.” 
he sighed, still looking in her eyes.

	Aggie exhaled longingly, but she didn’t say anything. She tilted her head just slightly to the left, just 
staring at him. Then without a moment more of hesitation, she leaned forward and kissed him. She felt that it was 
the only way to say “Thank you”. 

	Reilly, on the other hand, was confused, and in a split second…he broke the kiss. He went wide-eyed with 
shock. “Aggie…I…uh…I think I’d better go back to bed, and I think you should go do the same. It’s almost morning. 
Catch ya later.” He said quickly. With that, he got off the couch, and walked back down the hall to his room, 
slamming the door shut.

	Aggie soon looked confused also “What have I done?” she asked herself, as she finally got up from the couch, 
and headed back to her own room. As she left the door slightly open, she laid down on her bed, removed her glasses, 
laid them on the night table, and began to softly cry herself asleep.

To Be Continued…

Stay Tuned for Chapter 2: Guilty