Degrassi:TNG Fics

Degrassi:TNG Fics

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First Night

Emma and Sean decide to have a first night, and soon pay the price. Rated: NC-17
You Get Me

Alex never thought she'd be forgiving Jay for what he did to her...until the subject of their history and their unborn child are brought up.

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The Justin/Katharine Series

Two From the States Pt1:

New kids Justin and Katharine are from two different worlds, but are they as different as they seem? Rated PG-13

Two from the States Pt2:

The new kids meet the population of Degrassi...and discover that they're not the only ones with problems. Rated PG-13

When We Met:

Katharine won't admit it to her new friends, but she has fallen head over heels in love with Justin. But are the feelings mutual? Rated R