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Shawn and Juliet's 15 year old daughter Anne-Marie tells a tragic tale. Rated PG-13

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Jeopardy- Shawn's HS sweetheart Samantha Kerwin shows up again after 12 years, and she's in big trouble. (PG-13) (New Character Intro)

Kind Eyes- Shawn's ex, Samantha decides to stay back in Santa Barbara only to meet the most amazing her at least. (R)

You and I Both- Shawn and Juliet face a crossroards in their friendship when they are forced to examine it from another prospective. (PG-13)

Cover Me- Lassiter and Juliet are trapped in a warehouse with very little time to spare...What will come out between them? (R)

Temptations- There are certain things you just don't do with your co-worker's wife...Lassiter's about to find out the hard way. (NC-17)

Breakdown- A quiet night out for Shawn and Samantha turns tragic...and someone is left behind to deal. (R)

Singles Mixer- Did you ever wanna know how Lassiter and Samantha really met?...Read to find out. (NR)

Imperfect World- Shawn wakes up in a world that he does not know...Can he deal with the changes around him? (NC-17)

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