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Goodbye, My Friend

Seventeen year old Trina witnesses her best friend's murder...and tells her story of that day. Rated: R

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The Sunfire Series

Time Goes By- Timestopper's 17 year old sister Trina (aka: Sunfire)joins MonStar's mob, and becomes a valuable asset to one person in the gang. Read to Find Out more. (PG-13)

Sunfire & Stars- Trina sets up a permanent residence at the Starship Casino under PokerFace's 'watchful' eye. But his interest in Trina becomes more than the poor girl bargained for. But will they find mutual love? RTFO (R)

Stryke The Fire- For her first mission, Trina is assigned to attack Moonstryker. But what happens during this fight is a shock. RTFO (R)

The Sarah Hart Chronicles

Coming Home Pt1- The Silverhawks visit Earth when an emergency occurs with SteelWill's Wife. (R)

Coming Home Pt2- Will and Sarah's 4 year old daughter Sonya is dying from a mysterious disease. Is the Mob responsible? RTFO (R)

Harts Unite- Sarah shows up at Hawk a whole new form. (R)

The Romeo & Juliet of Limbo Series

Crossing The Lines- Bluegrass answers a distress call from Melodia...and a simple rescue becomes something unexpected. (PG-13)

Paradise- A long romantic weekend is planned, where lives will change and a relationship will take the next step. (R)

One Month- Set a whole month after "Paradise"...things really have changed for BlueGrass and Melodia. But is all for the better? (R)

Broken- It's been a year for Bluegrass and Melodia. They have beautiful daughter named Annabelle, and a marriage that just won't quit. Suddenly out of nowhere, the MOB attacks... and tragedy strikes. RTFO. (R)

The Master and Mistress of Disguise Series

No Fear

Enter 25 year old Vanessa Marshall of London, she is about to get the surprise of her life...The Gift of love from a most unlikely source. (R)

More Than a Hostage

The Mob captures Vanessa in hopes of using her to bring Mo-Lec-U-Lar out of his recent 'funk'. But will he be able to see past his own ego in order to fall in love? RTFO. (R)

In the Year 2869...

A 15 year old girl by the name of Lila enlists the help of the remaining Silverhawks to help her search for her parents. But unbeknownst to her...her parents are long deceased. (R)